Rubén Grilo Rubén Grilo (Lugo, 1981)
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, 2011-12;
Universidad de Barcelona, 2007

Selected Exhibitions & Projects
CentroCentro. Madrid 2019 (solo exhibition, upcoming)
Even if it's Jazz or the Quiet Storm. Nest. The Hague, 2018 (upcoming)
Mirada Pais. CGAC & CGAI, Santiago de Compostela 2018 (upcoming)
Solo presentation with Future Gallery. Art-O-Rama, Marseille, 2018
Additive Removals. Petrus Entertainment. Berlin, 2018
360: Nausea. Zabludowicz Collection. London, 2018
Propuesta para un archivo de vídeo. HAMACA - MNCARS. Madrid, 2018
Adverbios temporales. CentroCentro. Madrid, 2018
Flatland. Nogueras Blanchard. Barcelona, 2018
Draped and Draped Extensión. Future Gallery. Berlin & Ciudad de México, 2018
Muchos caminos. Molti Cammini. RAER, Roma & MUSAC, León 2017-18
The Studio for Arousing Tools. Drop City - Lieferendfelder Str. 39 Düsseldorf & M HKA, Antwerp, 2017
I am, etc. Future Gallery. Berlin, 2017 (solo exhibition)
Hybrid Layers. With Metaphysics. ZKM - Center for Art and Media. Karlsruhe, 2017
Alluring Shapes, Tempting Spaces. Galerie Eva Meyer. Paris, 2017
Generación 2017. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2017
Solo. Nogueras Blanchard. Madrid, 2016 (solo exhibition)
Nausea With Metaphysics. Computer History Museum, Mountain View & SVVR, Silicon Valley, 2016
Everfresh Product Launch. Akademie der Künste 9th Berlin Biennale. Berlin, 2016
Inflected Objects # 2 Circulation – Otherwise, Unhinged. Future Gallery. Berlin, 2016
Proof of Concept. Union Pacific. London, 2016 (solo exhibition). 
Festiv Town. By Dan Walwin, Bruno Zhu & Femke Herregraven. Amsterdam, 2016
La Collection mise à nue par ses artistes, même. La Maison de La Vache Qui Rit, Lons-le-Saunier, 2016
Rubén Grilo. Fundació Joan Miró - Espai13. Barcelona, 2015 (solo exhibition)
Gasworks Open Studios. London, 2015
wow! Woven? Entering the (sub)Textiles. Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien. Graz, 2015
Limited Liability Corporation: Frankfurt am Main - Billardcafe Leipzigerstr., Berlin, 2015
Gang Signs. Future Gallery. Berlin, 2014
Rubén Grilo. Mit eigener Hand. Hildesheim Kunstverein, 2014 (solo exhibition)
Twenty Thousand Years of Yarn at Future Gallery. Berlin, 2014 (curated) | Exhibition leaflet
Stoneroses. Hosted by Center @ Sandgrube im Jagen 86, Grunewald - Berlin, 2014
Insomnia Extended Club. Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz. Wien, 2014
III Manifiesto. Fabra i Coats centre d’art contemporani. Barcelona, 2014
Itinerarios. Fundación Botín. Santander, 2014
Access Rigmarole. With Spiros Hadjidjanos. CA2M. Móstoles, 2013
Drawings of Alien Control. V4ULT. Berlin, 2013 (solo exhibition)
The Need for Speed. CIRCA Projects. Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013 (solo exhibition)
Unstable Media. Curated by Anne de Vries. Galerie Martin van Zomeren. Amsterdam, 2013
Material World. Curated by Nanda Janssen & David Jablonowski. Nest, The Hague 2013
Rijksakademie Open 2012. Library Archive, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Amsterdam, 2013
Sudden Glory. Nogueras Blanchard. Madrid & Barcelona, 2012 (solo exhibition)
FAQs. Supplement. London, 2012 (solo exhibition)
Superpositions - New Wight Biennial. Invited by Sean Raspet. UCLA New Wight Gallery. Los Angeles. 2012
, everyone else was either busy or dead. Curated by Michiel Ceulers. Schau Ort - Christiane Büntgen. Zürich, 2012
Esta puerta pide clavo. Tatjana Pieters. Ghent, 2012
They're Not All Funny, but They're in a Row. 1646. The Hague, 2012 (solo exhibition). 
Soft Drives. Performed by Ben Pridmore. Performance Project - LISTE17 Basel, 2012
Bioscope. Wilfried Lentz. Rotterdam, 2012 (solo exhibition).
The Action of Things. CSS Bard. Annandale-on-Hudson New York, 2011
PowerPoint Karaoke. MARCO Vigo, 2011 (solo exhibition)
Wikipedia Psychedelics. For the finissage of Philip Hausmeier's at Volker Bradtke. Düsseldorf, 2011
Acts of Refusal. Art Ist Kuku Nu Ut Festival. Tartu, 2011
Turku Biennial - Patterns of the Mind. Turku, 2011
La Cuestión del Paradigma. Centre d'Art La Panera. Lleida, 2011
En casa. Casa Encendida. Madrid, 2010 (solo project)
Try Different Keywords. Estrany de la Mota Gallery. Barcelona, 2010
Here, There, Backward, Forward, Mirror, Hole, Through, Against. Maribel López. Berlin, 2010 (solo exhibition)
Before Everything. CA2M. Móstoles, 2010
Zweckgemeinschafft. Micamoca. Berlin, 2009
The Close Talker and the Newcomers. Ballhaus Ost. Berlin, 2009
Situación. CGAC. Santiago de Compostela, 2008
Historien är inget annat än små saker i viss oordning. Instituto Cervantes. Stockholm, 2009
Fuck You Human. Maribel López Gallery. Berlin, 2008
Old News #4. Midway Contemporary Art. Minneapolis, 2008
Information Versus Information. CGAC. Santiago de Compostela, 2007


Víctor, Marta, Marcia, Lorenzo, Inga, Han, Gillian, Brandon, etc. for A-Desk, 2018 (Spanish)
I am, etc., 2017 (English) | I am, etc., 2017 (Spanish). Reprinted for Querer parecer noche. CA2M, 2018
Producing Singularity. Melanie Bühler on Noone, Allness, 2017
A Proof of Concept for Union Pacific, 2016
Exhibition 02.10.15-08.12.15 catalogue text by Martí Manen, 2015
Interview with Martí Manen about the show at Fundació Joan Miró, 2105
Entrevista a Rubén Grilo - Metal Magazine, 2015
Rubén Grilo. Interviewed by Mariano Mayer. Neo2 #143, 2015
Cortocircuitos y tejanos. Interviewed by David Bestué. El Estado Mental #3, 2014
Drawings of Alien Control. Small piece for V4ULT, 2013
Rubén Grilo, CIRCA Projects by Rachel Hill. Corridor 8, 2013
Rubén Grilo at Nogueras Blanchard by Javier Hontoria. Artforum Critics' Picks, 2012
On PowerPoint Karaoke. Catalogue excerpt by Agar Ledo, 2011 (unpublished)


New Logos (index), 2010-
DDs ad in Sound Spill, 2013
Everfresh ad ft. in SIC Intertrashional #4, 2017
Noone, Allness AV feature, 2017
Solo poster, Nogueras Blanchard 2016
20K Years of Yarn promo vid on Youtube, 2013
FAQs ft. footage of ORGAN² at St. Burchardi on Youtube, 2013
Video edit from Shaping Process (circa 1960) on Youtube, 2012
Invisible Soldiers preps for the show at Wilfriend Lentz, 2012
TUBUT, 2012
Zonder titel (OK) for Tubelight #82, 2012
Superpositions catalogue, 2012
Journal Liste 17. Jim Lambie & Mousse, 2012
RijksakademieOPEN catalogue, 2012
A small piece on Warja Lavater for TEXTO, 2010
Ref. 08001 Juan Canela & Nogueras Blanchard Ed., 2010
Zeitgeist. Save As Publication, 2010
Old News #4. Pork Salad Press, 2007

Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona & Madrid
Future Gallery, CDMX & Berlin